95 Express is 21 miles long and consists of two express lanes in each direction from SR 112 near downtown Miami to Broward Boulevard near Fort Lauderdale. The original 7-mile stretch of express lanes opened in December 2008, and the second phase opened in October 2016. A third phase of 95 Express is currently under construction, which will add another 29 miles of express lanes north into Palm Beach County. Those express lanes will open in sections between 2020 and 2024.

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    Vehicle Eligibility

    Only two-axle vehicles are permitted. Trucks with three or more axles are not allowed.

    Vehicles must have an active SunPass or another interoperable transponder.

    Transit buses, school buses and vanpools are allowed, but they must be registered and renewed annually for an exemption. Click here for more info.



    Certain vehicles are exempt from paying a toll on 95 Express in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 95 Express is part of a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane conversion program and is the only facility in the state where the vehicles listed below are exempted from tolls once registered.

      • 3+ occupant carpools
      • Hybrid vehicles
      • ILEVs (inherently low emission vehicles)
      • Motorcycles (not required to register)

    These exemptions do not apply on other express lanes facilities, such as 75 Express, 595 Express or Palmetto Express. Customers must register their eligible 3+ occupant carpools, hybrid vehicles, and ILEVs annually with South Florida Commuter Services.

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    Tolling Method


    The toll rate will vary based on the volume of traffic in the express lanes. The rate increases as traffic builds in the express lanes and decreases as traffic reduces. Tolls in these lanes are generally adjusted in 15-minute increments according to traffic conditions in the express lanes.

    There is a maximum toll on the original seven miles of 95 Express (Phase 1), as outlined in the Florida Administrative Code, Rule 14-100.003. For all other express lanes, there is no maximum toll.

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    Entrances and Exits

    You may enter Northbound 95 Express:

       North of I-395

       Direct Connection from SR 112

       North of Golden Glades Interchange

       North of Ives Dairy Road

    You may exit Northbound 95 Express:

       North of Opa Locka Boulevard / NW 135th Street

       Direct Connection to the Golden Glades Park & Ride Lot

       North of Miami Gardens Drive

       North of Hollywood Boulevard

       North of I-595

    You may enter Southbound 95 Express:

       South of Broward Boulevard

       South of Stirling Road

       South of Ives Dairy Road

       Direct Connection from the Golden Glades Park & Ride Lot

       South of Golden Glades Interchange

    You may exit Southbound 95 Express to:

       South of Hallendale Beach Boulevard

       South of Miami Gardens Drive

       Direct Connection to SR 112

       South of SR 112

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    Lane Separation

    Please do not cross over the delineators.

95 Express Video

Lane Separations