75 Express is 15 miles long and consists of two express lanes in each direction from I-595 in Broward County to the Palmetto Expressway in Miami-Dade County. 75 Express connects directly to 595 Express, Florida’s Turnpike Extension and Palmetto Express. The initial 11 miles of 75 Express opened to traffic in March 2018, and the remainder opened with Palmetto Express in August 2019.
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    Vehicle Eligibility

    Only two-axle vehicles are permitted. Trucks with three or more axles are not allowed.

    Vehicles must have an active SunPass or another interoperable transponder.

    Transit buses, school buses and vanpools are allowed, but they must be registered and renewed annually for an exemption. Click here for more info.

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    Tolling Method

    Static Tolling

    The toll rate in the express lanes is set at a specific amount that does not change. A static toll rate is not affected by express lanes traffic or the time of day.

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    Entrances and Exits

    You may enter Northbound 75 Express:

       Direct Connection from Palmetto Express

       North of NW 138th Street

       Direct Connection from Florida’s Turnpike Extension

       North of Stirling Road

    You may exit Northbound 75 Express:

       North of Miramar Parkway

       North of Pines Boulevard

       North of Royal Palm Boulevard

       Direct Connection to 595 Express

    You may enter Southbound 75 Express:

       Direct Connection from 595 Express

       South of I-595

       South of Griffin Road

       South of Pines Boulevard

       South of Miami Gardens Drive

    You may exit Southbound 75 Express:

       South of Griffin Road

       South of Miramar Parkway

       Direct Connection to Florida’s Turnpike Extension

       South of Miami Gardens Drive

       Direct Connection to Palmetto Express

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    Lane Separation

    Turf Buffer