What are Express Lanes?

Express lanes are a type of managed lane located on an interstate that customers can choose to use when they want a more predictable travel time. Express lanes are designed with a limited number of entrance and exit points to serve longer, more regional trips.

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Vehicle Eligibility Vehicle Eligibility Who can use express lanes?

You must have an active and properly installed SunPass or another interoperable transponder to use an express lane.

Vehicles with three or more axles are not eligible to use express lanes.

Transit buses, vanpools and school buses are eligible to use express lanes and can register for an exemption of the express lanes toll.

Express Lanes Tolls Express Lanes Tolls How do you pay for tolls in the express lanes?

Tolls are collected electronically with a SunPass or another interoperable transponder. Cash is not accepted.

Several different types of tolling methods are used on express lanes—dynamic, static and time-of-day.

Entrances and Exits Entrances and Exits How do you get into or out of the express lanes?

Pay attention to the overhead signs on the roadway. These signs will let you know where you can safely enter and exit the express lanes. Please only use the dedicated entrances and exits.

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Divided for Safety Divided for Safety How are express lanes separated?

Several separation techniques are used to keep express lanes divided from the general lanes, including delineators, concrete barriers, or turf barriers.

For your safety, please do not cross over the delineators or turf barriers.

How to Identify Express Lanes

Types of Express Lanes Tolls

Several different types of tolling methods are used on Florida Express Lanes.

Dynamic Tolling
The toll rate will vary based on the volume of traffic in the express lanes. The rate increases as traffic builds in the express lanes and decreases as traffic reduces.

Static Tolling
The toll rate in the express lanes is set at a specific amount that does not change. A static toll rate is not affected by express lanes traffic volume or the time of day.

Time-of-Day Tolling

The toll rate in the express lanes will vary based on the time of day. Toll rates will be higher during peak travel periods.


I-295 West I-295 East
I-4 Ultimate

Types of Express Lane Separations

Express Lanes FAQs

Express lanes offer you a choice for a faster, more reliable trip, especially during peak hours. You can choose to pay a toll to bypass local traffic or remain in the general use lanes.

Entrance and exit points in and out of the express lanes are selected based on travel patterns in the area in order to provide a more predictable travel time.

Drivers using the express lanes must have an active SunPass or another interoperable transponder. Cash is not accepted in the express lanes. If you are a Georgia resident with an active Peach Pass or a North Carolina resident with an active NC Quick Pass, you can use the express lanes with these transponders in your vehicle.

Planning to rent a car? SunPass has a current agreement with rental car agencies. Visit SunPass.com to learn more.

Upon entering the express lanes you will pay the rate displayed on the sign until you reach the next decision point. You never will pay a higher toll amount than the rate you saw on the sign. If the toll decreases after you enter the express lanes, you will pay the lower amount.

Express lanes signs provide upcoming exits and their respective toll rates. They do not show estimated travel times.

The express lanes will be monitored for incidents. If your car breaks down, do not stop in the middle of the road. If possible, safely pull over to the side of the road and call the Florida Highway Patrol Communication Center at *FHP (*347). Depending on your needs, a Road Ranger or Florida Highway Patrol officer will be dispatched to help you. When there is a crash in the express lanes blocking traffic, the entrance to the express lanes may be closed.

If an incident occurs in a segment of an express lane, and you are directed by law enforcement to exit, you will not be charged the express lane toll for that segment.

Yes, the following vehicles qualify for a toll exemption on all Florida Express Lanes, but they must first register and then renew annually:

  • Express buses/public transit buses
  • School buses
  • Over-the-road buses
  • Vanpools

To register a qualifying vehicle, please visit here and fill out an application.

Exemptions Specific to 95 Express:
Certain vehicles are exempt from paying a toll on 95 Express in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. 95 Express is part of a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane conversion program and is the only facility in the state where the vehicles listed below are exempted from tolls once registered.

  • 3+ occupant carpools
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • ILEVs (inherently low emission vehicles)
  • Motorcycles (not required to register)

These exemptions do not apply on other express lanes facilities, such as 75 Express, 595 Express or Palmetto Express. Customers must register their eligible 3+ occupant carpools, hybrid vehicles, and ILEVs annually with South Florida Commuter Services.