The following vehicles qualify for an exemption of the express lanes toll, but they must first register and then renew annually. Exemptions are not available on Thru Lanes.
Transit Buses
School Buses


(example: 95 Express, 595 Express)

Toll Rate:

Registered buses and vanpools are exempt from paying express lanes tolls.


Buses and vanpools must register and renew annually.


(example: Florida’s Turnpike, Veterans Expressway)

Toll Rate:

Registered buses and vanpools are only required to pay the general toll and will not be charged an additional toll.


Buses and vanpools do not need to register or renew annually.

New Registrations and Renewals

The Express Lanes Bus Exemption Form is required for both new registrations and renewals. You must submit this form for all qualifying vehicles each year to maintain their exemption.

Please complete the Express Lanes Bus Exemption form. Once your form has been submitted, you will be contacted to complete the registration process.  If not already established, a SunPass Account will be created.